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‘Accent on Pink’ By Wassily Kandinsky 1925 {{PD}}

We see the hard edges of reality today, and perhaps run from them (Sun opp Saturn). Understandable, but not helpful. If we’ll only pause for a moment, and really look, we’ll see some genius ways we can benefit (Sun nov Venus). Relationships, situations that call on our values, finances, and/ or those things/ matters of the Houses ruled by Venus in the natal chart, are the gateways–but will we step through and reap the rewards, when we realize we’ll have to adjust our view of the past so that what we learned then is useful now (Sun qnx SN)? A test of stubbornness, no doubt, at least for some of us.

We may also see the gift of speaking from perceptive instincts, or from what we ‘know but don’t know’, and may act as channels for one another–so talk it out, whatever it is (Mercury sxt Sedna). On an individual level, be willing to adjust aesthetics to accommodate inspiration and the creative (Venus qnx Neptune)–again, stubbornness may torpedo perfectly good ideas–but this influence may also affect our communications, so don’t let illusion intrude in relationships or finances. And one final thing to be aware of: those exercising their power are making a concerted effort to ignore or deny certain hard realities–just don’t let that be you.

‘Abendstimmung am Meer’ By Max Jensen 1860 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a ship, just sailing over the horizon. Have you been waiting for your ship to come in? Well, it’s not coming toward you, but sailing away–you may have misjudged the situation entirely, or maybe are just looking in the ‘wrong’ direction for aid–this is a reminder not to pin your hopes unreasonably on something that may never ‘arrive’, but to instead work with what’s in front of you, with the idea of creating ‘better/ more’. That’s the only way to get ‘there’ from ‘here’.

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