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Paul Gauguin ‘La bergère bretonne’ 1885 {{PD}}

We could subtitle this, ‘Mom gets critical, and everybody speaks out’. Ceres enters Virgo, and all who carry a maternal oversight role, or who hold authority over others, or who must negotiate, all need to pull back and apply that initial, critical urge to some thing that’s in their domain, rather than to some one. It’s important to short-circuit that urge to criticize, nitpick, and do a line-item veto on, and at least temporarily re-focus that on one’s Self or a project or effort that is solely one’s responsibility–and this is especially true for those who may have natal Pluto in this area, as their critiques can go from ‘isn’t that curious?’ to Armageddon in no time flat.

There’s also the way everyone will be feeling like speaking out, as Mercury enters Leo–but it’s important to note that this urge will be especially lacking in destruction or transformative energy (contra-parallel Pluto), and that it arises solely from those areas where we feel less-than-empowered (square Juno). So, be aware that behind everything communicated is an idea of (or even fear of) powerlessness–and respond as appropriate.

Communication issues aren’t aided by Venus’ sesquiquadrate to Chiron–that almost guarantees wounds stir things up in relationships and financial areas–but perceptual faculties are aided by instinct, what we ‘know but don’t know’–that is, our ‘blind spot’ material–and so it all boils down to this: how in touch we are with our own inner nature, how honest we are with ourselves and how well we know who we are, dictates how the rest of the influences will play out, as well as how deftly we will handle them (Sun novile Sedna). Those ‘in touch’ will see their perceptions validated in the real world, in a way that empowers and makes for gain–everyone else, hold on for a rough ride, in one form or another.

Bruno Liljefors – ‘Andfamilj i vass’ 1917 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a duck that can’t swim. What happens when something everyone expects you to do naturally doesn’t happen? How you adapted to that challenge (for we all have areas like this) defines you, beyond any other characteristic or behavior, so it might be a good time to think about how this has manifested in your own life, what you did to compensate, and what that might mean about you. Extreme versions of this are labeled ‘Black Sheep’ within a tribe; it may be tougher, though, to deal with a more mild version, where you’re pilloried but still held close.

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