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‘A Veil’ c.1890 by Louis Welden Hawkins {{PD}}

It’s all about what and how we think during this period, with a brief respite on the 1st to get down and dirty with our feelings, especially about emotions embedded in the real-world scenarios around our relationships, financial situations, and our ability to express aesthetics and values true to us. This is helped along by Juno’s entry into Taurus, pushing us in the direction of empowerment through the senses (so through the material world) and through what we can hold in our hand, what reaches us through the tactile and what we can materially interact with. The focus goes to the physical world, but with Venus as apex to a Fist of God with base of Saturn and Hygeia, we may find all our attention on the disparity between what’s healthy in our interactions or investments and what the real world demands. The state of things looms large, and we may sort matters according to what benefits us, what profit is earned, what is reaped–and as long as we judge things according to our own wants and values (rather than according to others) then this can be a period of fine-tuning and ‘getting right’ with the material world and our inner Venus as it’s reflected by outer circumstances.

We could draw a curve with these Mercury aspects, from confusion, deception, or inspiration, to tough revelations that heal, to enhancement of the reality picture by making health, including attending to what’s so far been ignored, the measure for all things. We may be prone to rebelliousness in our thinking when confronted with what we don’t like, and we may create chaos as a mask for a sense of inadequacy or a fear of appearing weak. The mind can play tricks on us, in its own way, but awareness that our thoughts and consequent actions are building our future is vital to keeping it real, keeping it under control, and keeping it positive.

The outcome to all this, if handled with that eye on the future, should be healthy perceptions that find the best outlets for individual uniqueness and creativity. We stand in our own, earned authority, and express ourselves–and isn’t that what we’re here for?

The 4th, hurt is the song–and as always, our response to it makes the difference between learning and growing and creating, and moping and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Hint for what’s coming: plan ahead for the 5th, when Uranus conjoins Juno, Venus trines Vesta, and the Sun trines Jupiter. These are massively positive aspects for gain we can take advantage of, if we follow a couple of pre-cautions: do all the planning, arranging, and acting before this date, and don’t expect to be able to think on your feet or handle things on the fly, in the moment–that can lead to unfortunate actions and poor choices–instead, plan the outcomes of things for this day. Doing so can multiply the already good potentials and make for an outstanding result.

You may want to check back during the period for Daily Word images, which I’ll add as the inspiration hits. Have a great week, everyone!

‘Bear Family’ By Niko Pirosmani 1916 {{PD}}

Word image for the 29th-30th: two bears face each other across a treat-laden picnic table. It has a cartoon-esque quality, doesn’t it? But what was your first thought when you read that sentence? Did you supply hostility between the two, as if they were going to argue over the picnic spread? Or did you see it as two like individuals, a pair, sharing a summer repast? And does the fact that they are bears, rather than people, say something to you? I assert that this is a bit of a Rorschach for each of us, so take what comes to mind as a kind of statement reflecting your own attitude, particularly toward others in your company, and toward sharing, at this time.


Winslow Homer ‘The Blue Boat’ 1891 {{PD}}

Word image for the 2-3: Pairs of inexperienced paddlers in two canoes try to cross a waterway while holding on, each to the other boat. This suggests the individuals are possibly venturing out into something before they’re ready, and taking measures that make them feel more confident but that actually may contribute to a spill. Where are you ‘testing the waters’, what are you ignoring that you should be doing, and what are you doing that might in reality cause an upset?

Candy-Cane-ClassicWord image for the 4th: a bright red and white striped candy cane. Seems out of season, right? It’s almost like we don’t even notice that kind of candy when it’s not Christmas. What sweet thing are you ignoring because the timing seems off? What joyful thing needs to be noticed and appreciated now, rather than waiting for its customary time and place?

See the new page on Placidus vs. Whole Sign

Word image for the 5th: two people choose to spend a quiet day together, instead of going to a party. There’s no ‘right’ answer here; this simply suggests we should choose carefully how we spend our time, and with whom.