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William John Wainwright ‘Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins’ Apparently, the smart ones filled their lamps, while the foolish ones didn’t–so it’s about preparedness. {{PD}}

Venus enters Virgo, and what we see, one way or another, is a shift toward wanting to be right, correct, or proper, to be able to stand confidently against criticism or critique–and that can prompt inventory-taking, a discriminating state of mind, and Self-criticism, among other things. Ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is involved in the only other aspect perfecting today, a square to Jupiter–and that suggests that we brace ourselves against verbal (or another form) of attack for good reason! The social sphere, or perhaps the facts, offer some harsh or hard-to-hear material–and our response is to go to that place where we feel unassailably right. So, it’s a day that feels defensive; our best defense, though, might be to graciously accept the facts, rather than to nitpick or criticize in return, and if what’s offered is more reflective of the other’s beliefs, and not actually true–we still come out on top by holding our tongue.

Today’s word image is a potluck gathering where nobody brings any food. With this kind of invitation, individuals are left entirely on their own as to what to bring–and in this case, everyone relied on everyone else to provide. Is there some way you’re supposed to be ‘chipping in’ where you’re instead counting on others to supply what’s needed? Do you see such an occasion as a time when you can make very little effort (bring a small thing) but consume a whole lot? If so, that suggests a sense of pleasure derived from ‘getting more’ than you deserve–is that how you really mean to approach things? Is there some way in which you’re trying to get more out of something than you’re willing to provide? Or do you find such arrangements too haphazard to supply much satisfaction? This could simply be an image of people gathering, anticipating nurture of one kind or another, and not getting it.

OK! I’ll go one more day with this!–through 8 PM PDT of the 9th. And many thanks to all who so generously supported this effort–I appreciate it (and You) immensely!