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Hua Ma Cave, inside looking out. Photo By Hadesvn – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67390337

Jupiter stations direct, and it may feel a little bit like waking up (or coming out of a cave?), as Jupiter in Scorpio edges toward a future trine with Neptune, while Venus heads toward catching up and sextiling Jupiter–or maybe it’s more accurate to say it will feel like falling into or out of a dream, the sensation most accurately described as leaving one state for another. The sense is of wonderful things to come, and it’s probably only exaggerated by the approaching eclipse of the 12th. Other than this feeling of a dreamy shift, we see most of our attention go toward gauging our state of power. It’s all because we’re focused on ambitions and desires (Sun square Zeus) and how we’re not getting what we want–so that leads us to seek real-world avenues to enrich our position (Saturn trine Ceres) even as we must contend with those who hold devastatingly real power, the kind we can’t deny or shrug off or pretend we’ll have any time soon (Pluto sesquiquadrate Ceres). In the power sense it’s a wake-up call–but in all other realms, a chance to dream, and dream big. And maybe, with any luck, this bodes well for the boys trapped in the caves in Thailand–maybe the 10th will see them all out at last.

We’re in pre-eclipse Dark of the Moon territory–be ready