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‘Pallas Athena’ By Franz von Stuck, 1898 {{PD}}

Strangely enough, in that run up to the eclipse, we find circumstances and energies oddly balanced–and the unusual nature of so much stasis tells us we’re in some sort of exceptional place, energetically speaking. We see what has enraged us, or what we’ve ignored or denied, finding our understanding or expression through the instincts (Black Moon Lilith trine Sedna–and this response offers to connect us with our own internal wisdom). We also see a stable scenario around the power situation and our ability to effectively express (Saturn trine Juno), and we see the benefits of ‘being ourselves’, or in keeping it fresh in relationships (Venus trine Uranus). However going too far in the relationship or financial arena could end up wounding some otherwise healthy Venusian expression (Venus quincunx Chiron), and this may only be aggravated with Pallas’ move into Leo, emphasizing the Self a little too much, the smart or practical a tad too little. There’s balance, and then again, there’s containment, and our task it to tell the difference between, and discern the need for, a bit of both.