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By Close Act – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17340354

It’s all about our levels of practicality, wisdom, and our discernment abilities, today; judgment is put to the test, especially as it concerns communications, our choices, our relationships (especially to ‘the group’), and as it speaks to our own identity and Self-assessment. The better we know ourselves, the clearer our perceptions will be, and the more effectively we’ll choose. Such vague counsel, so dull, right? Well here’s the thing: some people love drama, some people want excitement no matter the source, some people want to feel special, some people glory in their wounds–and these are all destructive attitudes, at core. These are the people who will rebel from the need to meet things with real-world awareness and a no-drama response–and they’ll pay for it, down the road, when something they love, that they find sacred, doesn’t love them back. There–we’ve all been warned. Now go, be fruitful and multiply, avoid power struggles (they’ll just be frustrating) and know that what rewards you at this time also brings you empowerment or supports those circumstances (Chiron trine and Uranus sq Pallas, Mars sxt Hygeia and qnx Ceres, Venus qnx SN and trine Juno, Merc sesq Saturn, Sun qnx Vesta).

Word image for this weekend is a small mouse, eaten by a bigger mouse, eaten by a rat, eaten by an owl. This is a dream image. A mouse is a timid individual, a rat someone who betrays, and the owl is Pallas’ symbol, standing for wisdom. Wisdom über alles? That seems right. Whatever the trouble, inner or outer, meet it with the wisest thing you know. Difficult to go wrong with that prescription.

A word to those with Neptune early in Scorpio natally: Right now you’ve got Uranus opposed your placement of creativity and delusion; this also unites two consecutive Houses in the natal chart. Watch for the ways the subjects of these two Houses may play together, mesh, take on new and surprising forms, and possibly act as outlets for your creative urge–and make sure that is consciously expressed creativity, not the kind that springs from the unconscious and shapes events willy-nilly.