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Georges de La Tour – ‘Newly-born Infant’ c1640 {{PD}}

The big news today is that Mercury moves into apparent retrograde motion at 10:03 PM PDT at 23 Leo 27. With a Fire retrograde, we re-consider what we’re doing–or rather, we re-consider what we think about what we’re doing. It may involve no action at all, other than mental exercises to decide if we like the stance we’re taking toward our own choices and moves, or not. The danger is in reviewing our thinking and then rushing out to change what we’re doing, before Mercury’s direction; that’s a particular temptation with a Fire sign, as our natural response to any altered idea is to do something about it. The problem with that is found in the way the retro period, and usually a bit thereafter, continues to see us reassess, and so further alter, our thinking, meaning we could precipitate change well before we’ve actually reached our final conclusion. The current station prolongs a Fire trine for Merc to Vesta, suggesting that much of what kicks off our retro pondering sessions involves commitments, highest values, and what we honor or find sacred, particularly the intimate partner or the home situation.

Overall, other indicators suggest we’re inclined toward what’s smart or practical, rather than what gives us power–that’s a nice change, for once–but we may overvalue being progressive, part of the group, or modern, and so undervalue individuality, unique expression, or the oddball or unusual. Freedom may become more important for some than any obligation or promise. Those not handling current energies well will display erratic behavior, unreliability, and unpredictability–note this, as it’s important to know who cracks under pressure, who holds up–we see that now.

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