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By Quinn Dombrowski from Berkeley, USA – Implications and consequences of “all is one”, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69798491

The 26th, the eve of the eclipse, brings a dust-up, with Venus novile Pallas, and the Sun quincunx Saturn and opposed Mars. Facing another’s Will or aggression requires adjustment, either to our vision of the reality picture or to circumstances themselves–but if we keep what we care about (Venus) in mind, we are inspired with smart and practical means of handling things.

The Total Lunar eclipse of 27 July 2018 (1:19 PM PDT) falls at 4 Aquarius 44, forming just after contact to, and still within orb of, a retrograde Mars; the Full Moon is also in wide sextile to Chiron and wide square to Uranus, with the latter, ruler of the eclipse itself, forming a T-square with the Sun-Earth-Moon-Mars axis. The only other aspect made is a sesquiquadrate to Venus in Virgo. A Lunar eclipse is a Full Moon, and this one occurs in the crisp, intellectually-oriented, forward-thinking sign of Aquarius, suggesting the event delivers revelation or understanding. Since it’s conjoined Mars, what appears could be the consequences of our own choices or actions, as instituted at the inception point of the previous Solar eclipse/ New Moon, or it could be that what we come to understand drives a current choice or action, with consequences still to be seen. That preceding Moon opposed Pluto, suggesting a power situation revealed, and this Full Moon may be the personal response to it, something driven by our intellectualization of the events that we then act on or choose according to, as we see the outcome of the New Moon start.

The results as manifested at this Lunar eclipse point have the potential for wounding or for calling forth skills (Chiron), but in either instance they show the need to express the individuality, or to accede to the group (Uranus), and all of this is likely spurred by difficulties surrounding relationships, finances, or Self-worth (Venus).

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader’. This suggests that the authority and experience of those who came before plays a vital role in showing us which direction to take; that is, we learn from the past, especially from the experiences of others, appropriate considering eclipses always fall near the Nodal axes, with this Lunar one conjoined the South Node.

Since this eclipse seems so directly connected to the one preceding it, we’ll forgo our usual inspection of the Sun’s Sabian for a Full Moon, since in this case our ‘source’ is the New Moon that came two weeks before. Instead we move on to the next and final component of this eclipse set, the Solar eclipse in Leo.

The 27th besides the Lunar eclipse sees Venus sesquiquadrate Mars and trine Pluto, and Merc parallels Juno, adding to the sense of personal assurance even as it disturbs intra-personal balances and hands Love or Money all the Power. In spite of our own confidence, we must bow to some large concept external that holds sway–but considering the Sabian for the eclipse, this could place us, no matter our age, in the ‘Council Of Ancestors’ in the way that we need this fresh infusion of energy or information input, need to ‘follow the leader’, in this case Love or Money, in order to keep our efforts relevant and our choices effective.