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Gevork Bashindzhagian. ‘Landscape with Pines’ 1907 {{PD}}

Wisdom and the ‘right’ course are found in the highest values, commitments, and those things you regard as sacred. Let me clarify: wisdom is not found in those things you tell yourself you revere, but in those things you actually honor with your time, energy, money, attention. Using this aspect energy successfully may necessitate some injury to your Self-image; you may find you’re not quite who you tell yourself you are, but no matter how uncomfortable, changes are all for the good. Among other things, this will align your values, your relationships, and your talents in the best perspective possible, allowing for a more genuine expression of your own true nature, your own true power, without quite so many of the filters we apply to win social acceptance, and that inevitably mislead ourselves and others. (Vesta trine Pallas, Venus contra-parallel Ceres, Sun qnx Chiron)

By Mildred Burridge – From the Maine Memory Network of the Maine Historical Society.Item number: 16128URL: http://www.mainememory.net/bin/Detail?ln=16128, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6261502

Today’s word image is: Two Countries in a Dispute Over Territory. Boundaries and borders are artificial constructs, and they are about two things: the power to control the resources therein, and the responsibility to attend to whomever and whatever occurs there. Is there some part of the life where you are claiming the power, but not taking the responsibility? Or are you taking responsibility somewhere but allowing the power to be taken by someone else?