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Franz Stuck 1909 {{PD}}

The only way to achieve that wonderful material balance, that careful mix of spontaneity and stasis, originality and tradition, resistance and abandon, is to be willing to see: the facts, what wounds, other people and their wants (especially the wants they have of which they’re unconscious), and to be aware of our own vulnerability on the social scene (or when living by the larger social order’s rules). Our beliefs may suffer, and our relationships or finances are subjected to a kind of ‘hands off’ attitude that may make us feel powerless where we expected to be able to exert our Will. Look out for, even under the best circumstances, a bit of a power struggle, a little tug-of-war in a dispute of Wills, and meet everything with kindness kindness kindness–it’s the best balm, and the best weapon, we’ll have (Jupiter sesq Chiron, Venus contra-parallel Juno, Sun-Uranus-Saturn Earth Grand Trine perfects, Sun is also qnx Black Moon Lilith)

On Staying on the Path: I’ve been seeing a lot of talk online lately that I can sum up something like this: everything will be OK, as long as you stick to your Path. I just want to say, No. It’s simply impossible not to be on your Path. Every step, even ones you regret, or later backtrack on, are part of your Path. Telling yourself that you could make a move that takes you off your Path is paralyzing and causes truckloads of Self-doubt, on top of just plain being wrong. So don’t fear getting lost or wandering off; you are the one making the choices, and you literally can’t make a wrong one, in the sense that you learn from everything you choose, and that it is you and only you making those choices–and isn’t that the point of the journey in the first place, Self-discovery, experiences, learning and becoming? So relax–even if things are a mess, they’re your mess–that means you are in charge, you can change them at any time, and they are there, speaking of and to you, empowering you to know yourself by your choices, your creations.