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The Full Moon is sesquiquadrate the close conjunction (only three minutes apart) of Venus and Zeus in Libra, making me think maybe this is about coming to some realizations as we try to find the ‘set point’ for relationships, earnings, ambitions, passions, or some matter ruled by Venus in the natal chart. Falling in Pisces, the Full Moon brings a conclusion, ending, or shift to a new emphasis, one flavored by the imagination, delusions, deceptions, ideals, and what they have (or have not) created in the life. We look at relationships, desires, and ambitions in that ideal form we’d hoped for, and with the culmination energy see what has come about in real-world terms. The Full Moon allows us a window into the effect of our own personal fairy tales, what they’ve actually wrought, and how far from (or close to) the dream we hold they actually are.

The distance may not be all that far–or relationships, desires, and ambition considerations may all fall behind a more pressing concern, related to matters of the natal House in which the FM falls. An ending here could push the state of interaction or want to the back burner–where it could simmer through the coming month, perhaps arriving via the unconscious as it orchestrates things behind the scene in anticipation of the next New Moon.

The Full Moon may wake us up by ending some illusion. ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ By John Collier 1920 {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Pisces perfects on the 26th at 4:56 AM PDT at 3 Pisces 12. It seems to me that all the contact to Uranus and Saturn, with the Full Moon hovering just between at the rough midpoint, suggests a kind of measuring of action v. stasis, revolution v. what’s established, being original or following tradition (and this measuring probably started as early as the 22nd, as every day since has felt like one where our character and conduct was weighed in the balance). In looking at ourselves, we’ve laid the groundwork to look out at what we value, at our relationships, and at what we want–and the Full Moon delivers a conclusion, realization, or makes obvious an ending–then it’s up to us what we do with it.

The artist’s daughter, Effie, as Red Riding Hood. By John Everett Millais 1863 {{PD}}

The Full Moon’s sextile to Saturn catches the Black Moon Lilith point at the midpoint, and the Full Moon sextile to Uranus catches Chiron more-or-less at the midpoint, and this suggests a lot of peripheral influences on what manifests at the Full Moon–or is that a chain reaction, with wounds and those things we’ve ignored or been in denial about exerting a distinct but hard to pin down influence on proceedings? In any case, the energy of change and stasis each occupy the far ends of a fulcrum made up of the Full Moon point, with matters of hurt, rage, denial, and the demand for Self-respect tipping the scales toward either keeping things as they are, or throwing them into chaos.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts’. This speaks of the difficulty and confusion, the sheer stress and polluting presence, of communications and the interests that drive them. We’re all trying to have a good time, but it’s not going so well as everyone strives to have her or his message reach its destination.

For the opposing Sun the Sabian is, ‘Black And White Children Play Together Happily’. The origin of all this tension is the ideal of having everyone, no matter how contrasting the individuals seem on the surface to be, getting along and enjoying life. So, all the turbulence caused by the Full Moon influences have their roots in a wish for harmony and equality–not such an impossible dream, at all.

Michelangelo Buonarroti {{PD}}

These ‘peripheral’ energies do form a Finger of God, providing us with an answer, when we wonder what the point of having our fairy tales washed in a stark dose of reality really is: it’s found in the sextile of Chiron to Black Moon Lilith, as base of the Finger, apex the Sun. Our wounds and our denials must be abandoned, if we’re to find a way to interact successfully; harmony (the Sun Sabian) is, in the end, something we must deliberately create ourselves.

It’s worth noting that Mars will go direct just a little over 24 hours later, suggesting that what we learn at the Full Moon must be ruminated on, just a bit, before we take action. Consider that 27 hours or so a ‘cooling off period’, allowing you to process, and to look carefully, before you leap.