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Winslow Homer ‘West Wind’ 1891 {{PD}}

Interesting to note for today, the 26th, as Venus perfects a square to Pluto, she also conjoins Zeus (and this will bleed over into the next day or two). So, the discord that a square can stir (and one to Pluto can easily spin up into a riot, a ‘You can’t fire me, I quit!’ kind of destructive fit) combines with a kind of heart’s desire energy, and the mix may result in a lashing out when we aren’t getting the prize we desire. Just be aware–a lack doesn’t translate as you never getting what you want, so why not use the energy to delve into what you might need to change in order to get it?

For the 27th the big event is Mars going direct. Is that gust of wind the combined sighs of everyone who’s been holding their breath over this? Because if so, their relief is premature. Mars does his about-face as major body of latest degree–meaning his energy is out there, swingin’ all on its own–and that can make for precipitous action as people sense the ease up and believe that’s a ‘Go!’ signal. Instead it’s more of a ‘look around and consider what you might want to do, once you get your bearings.

All other aspects simply amplify these major chords, with the addition of effects from Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron and square Jupiter. This suggests thinking, reasoning, and yes speaking from the wound, likely without our realizing it–and what comes out may challenge our own beliefs about life, and certainly may pinpoint our disillusion with the social sphere–but does that help anybody? Only if it makes us more aware of what we can do to make things better–otherwise it may just kick up a lot of complaint, and fuel actions with badly mixed motives. But, if we can hold on to a gift from the 26th, where our thinking was able to disown or ignore the worst illusions and so show us our best power position and our most effective way of affecting the world, we can take that stirred up energy and point it in the ‘right’ direction (Merc qnx Neptune and nov Ceres)