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Camille Pissarro ‘Apple Picking’ 1885 {{PD}}

It’s mostly smooth sailing, with only two things to look out for: the way our thoughts may contradict, or at least not mesh, with reality, and the way the past seems to loom large over today. Neither influence is fatal, if by fatal we mean running us off the rails and into the bushes–but then again, how effective can we be in our own choices and actions if we are thinking in ways that either don’t recognize the way things are, or if we are behaving as if the past means more than it does, as if it can dictate the present? So, if you find yourself drifting, re-align yourself to reality with objective statements that can be verified, and poke the past a few times, if you must, just to prove to yourself how dead it really is (Mercury sesq Saturn, Sun qnx SN, Hygeia trine NN)