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‘The Soul Carried to Heaven’ By William-Adolphe Bouguereau Before 1905 {{PD}}

Today’s the day–we are empowered (via our minds, and our very Beingness!) to shine, to make plans, to change and adjust and transform and think it into being. Be flexible, especially with the big, serious things, keep ultimate goals in mind, be willing to change to get where you want to go, even as you stay faithful to your essence by letting your inner wisdom and character guide you. It’s no good getting to our destination if we’ve compromised our values in the process (Merc sxt Zeus and qnx Pluto, Sun parallel Juno) But then again, maybe a more relaxed approach will get us just as far:

Bonus: if you have a natal placement at 17.30-20.30 degrees of Gemini, then that placement is part of the base of a Finger of God with transiting Mercury, apex transiting Pluto. This suggests communication of, or contemplation of, the natal energy results in big, permanent, possibly somewhat destructive change. Think carefully on it, as what is removed or transformed will be irrevocable–not to make you nervous or anything.

Edgar Degas {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a previously winning racehorse resisting being lead onto the track. What ‘champion’ skill, accomplishment, or ability are you finding it difficult for you to exercise? You may be confounded as to why something that’s won you praise in the past may be making you balk now, but it’s the Higher Mind simply pointing out that to repeat oneself rarely enlivens the Soul. Take it in a new direction, confident enough in your skills to know you can handle the challenge.