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‘Lot fleeing with his daughters from Sodom’ By Albrecht Dürer {{PD}}

Why does it seem like today everything we love, all those things that seem so smart, so wise, so worthy of reverence, makes us edgy, nervous, feeling like the only way to move forward is slowly, looking over our shoulder? It’s pure instinct, screaming at us to for gods’ sake prepare mentally for what is going to abruptly, suddenly, shockingly appear in our lives. We can’t know ahead of time what that will be or even when that will be (but it will be soon); we can only know that our current mentality is inadequate to respond effectively and process accurately. It’s time, then, to look at how we’re spending our time, at what we’re treating as sacred, at how and where we’re dedicating our energies–and so decide very consciously what our daily life and work will be about. That’s the only adequate defense against Uranian threats to what we love–knowing who we are, and knowing what matters, automatically tells us what to do in an upset or an emergency (Pallas sq Sedna, Vesta nov SN, Venus contra-parallel Uranus, Merc sesq Hygeia)

‘De Liefdesbrief'(The Love Letter) By Gustave Léonard de Jonghe c1870 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an unsent letter. Will you stamp it and send it on its way, or are you alive enough to the Universe to notice that the delay in completing the task may in itself signal that your hesitation has meaning? This likely pertains to something you’ve considered sharing, confessing, telling, or a subject you’ve wanted to broach–and now you need to consider whether it’s better not to speak to the intended recipient about this, after all.