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By John Fowler from Placitas, NM, USA – Temples and Towers of the VirginUploaded by PDTillman, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29614020

The New Moon occurs at 11:01 AM PDT at precisely 17 Virgo, opposed Neptune, sextile Jupiter, trine Pluto, and is apex to a Fist of God (Thor’s Hammer, for Nordic purists) with base of Black Moon Lilith square Uranus. The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Volcanic Eruption’ (and here’s why we read the Sabian for 17 Virgo, rather than reading 18 Virgo as we would if the event occurred even one minute later). Taken all together, we have to ask ourselves, What is it we need to sacrifice, let go of, or otherwise release, in order to honor humanity’s primal urge to appease forces mightier than we?

Contacts to the New Moon suggest we are already as far from illusion as we can get (opp Neptune–though this doesn’t take into account the individual capacity to fool oneself–so, if you’re firmly committed to a delusion, this won’t change things, but if you’re still in touch with reality, you stand on relatively firm ground); that the social sphere or ‘the facts’ (Jupiter) require/ facilitate change, destruction, removal, or transformation (Pluto); and that this need for change may spring from those matters we’ve ignored or denied (BML) clashing (the square) with our need to individuate, to proclaim our place within the group, or to upset through rebellion, revolution, invention, innovation, or original (Uranus) ideas or concepts introduced via our ‘shaking’ of the social apple cart.

A New Moon happening in Virgo automatically asks for a new start that makes us accountable, and calls for the paring away of what is extraneous, once we’ve critiqued the life. The Virgin of the sign paired with the symbol of the erupting volcano says that crisis forces action, or at least a response we hope will alleviate the pressure. That may be an illusion, a superstition–and yet, the ‘giving away’ (that is, sacrifice) of something we find precious, useful, productive, that holds potentials, is a true sacrifice; typically we only let go of what we no longer need, no longer find of value, and that means, no matter how generous, it’s not a sacrifice at all. With this New Moon, we may be asked to acknowledge what we’ve avoided, to change what needs transforming, and to embrace something unique within ourselves and put that center stage in the life, perhaps for a time allowing it to define us, in service to, and response to, something greater than we. What we give up, contribute, or let go in the hope of bettering things may be something we value–in fact, it has to be, or our efforts to satisfy the emotional call of the New Moon will go unanswered.

Bonus: a natal placement at 16 Taurus 30 to 19 Taurus 30 fills in an Earth Grand Trine with Pluto and the New Moon–your sacrifice may be larger, more definitive, or more final than most, and may carry the essence of the natal planet or point contacted.

Also, a natal placement at 16-19 Aries is apex to a Finger of God with base of the New Moon and Jupiter. This suggests that New Moon efforts on the social scene, or based on what you learn at this time, may prompt a ‘new start’ in terms of the contacted planet or point.

Have a wonderful and safe New Moon!