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Enid Yandell with her sculpture of Pallas Athena, 1896 / unidentified photographer. Enid Yandell papers, 1878-1982. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution {{PD}}

In some sense, the Warrior Awakens; we are on the move, and much of what we deal with today we deal with intellectually, using the mind to parse, judge, and sort based on ideals and our own current understanding (Mars parallel Vesta, semi-sq Neptune, enters Aquarius). Essentially we’ll be dealing with what comes at us, and so may underestimate the input generated by our own Martian impetus, our own Will and aggressive manner. What we see may be that what the social order requires, or the facts present, is a situation that is in some way detrimental to us, and that may, should we take the ‘bait’, disempower us or force us to compromise (Jupiter sesq Hygeia, Uranus qnx Ceres). The answer to the call to arms comes in two forms: one says that the only way to overcome the issue is to love what hurts us, to find a way to embrace what has up to now been unloving or unkind (Venus qnx Chiron); the other says that if we ignore what presents itself as if we must fight or acquiesce, we move beyond it, and can address our ambitions and desires in smart ways, ones that don’t drain our power (Merc nov Zeus)–I think I like that last one, don’t you?

And here’s a little something from the past for those with Taurus or Virgo on the brain–

I hope your week gets off to a great start!