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“Drei Grazien” (‘The Three Graces’)1920 By Albert Maennchen {{PD}}

Actually, what we’re talking about is the trouble with strong women, and by that I mean the disruption of the status quo by the sheer fact that there are more women than ever in this world willing and able to hold and express their own power. In this instance it upsets conventional ‘wisdom’ by alleging that women interacting with the world in a determinative way is somehow impractical; of course, it’s really about those in power not wanting to acknowledge the rage and too-long-denied need for autonomy, Self-determination, and for taking up an adequate amount of space for Self-expression felt by the disenfranchised of all stripe. A true presence in the world is something each and every one of us deserves–today is a day during which you can take significant steps to make this happen. Hint: Think Big, and use the facts–they are definitely trending in your favor (Pluto sesq Pallas, Saturn sq Ceres, Sun sesq BML, sxt Jupiter, trine Pluto, Pallas semi-sq Zeus)

The goddess Thetis dipping the infant Achilles into the river Styx, which runs through Hades. In the background, the ferryman Charon can be seen taking the dead across the river in his boat. The scene was painted by Peter Paul Reubens around 1630/1635 as part of the Achilles Series

Today’s word image is the Achilles heel. We all know what that is, right? One’s vulnerable point. We’ve all been injured there, lately–how did that happen, and what must you do to keep it from happening again? The suggestion is that it occurred because of some sort of unconscious extremity on your part–not to blame you, but to point out how inattention can be as injurious as anything inflicted by others.

In case you missed it: the New Moon, and the great attractors in the natal chart. Have a great day!