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Resist technique, probably from India for export, Artist not identified CC0

Why does no one seem to want to cooperate with us? And why are they saying things that they know might blow everything up? And why does the unhealthy thing seem like our only option? Are you still reading, in spite of my whining tone? Here’s what I think: 1) if you don’t seek power, that is, don’t fight, there is no struggle, and 2) think seriously, as if the very thought you entertain is itself transformative–because today it is (Juno contra-parallel Zeus, Saturn sq Hygeia, Jupiter semi-sq Ceres, Merc trine Pluto)

French postcard from the 1920s, {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: a dentist drills and fills the wrong tooth. Let’s cut to the chase: what ‘operation’, project, or effort is aimed in an ineffective, even pointless, direction? There’s no excuse for such carelessness, unless . . . our ‘dentist’ doesn’t care.