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Karl Nordström – ‘Field of Oats at Grez’ 1884 {{PD}}

‘Out of control’ is too mild a phrase for the sensations we experience today; it’s also too orderly. It implies we can see what’s not right, can pinpoint the cause of the chaos. And yet, there’s nothing dire going on. Things continue on the tracks they currently occupy, bit somehow we aren’t able to make our presence felt, to affect matters, to feel our own power. Somehow the sense of being ineffectual echoes a point in the past–and that’s not a pleasant memory. Our reaction may be, ‘Oh no, not again’–but in reality, it’s not again, it’s now, and what our surroundings are communicating hurts, but our job is to inspect them with current, not past, eyes. What we see when we attain some measure of objectivity is that we must either call on skills, or take a soundly practical approach, in order to deal with the vibe. So, not a disaster at all–more a call to take a grounded, sane approach (Neptune contra-parallel Juno and nov SN, Mercury parallel Chiron)