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‘Still Life with Sunflowers’ 1881 By Claude Monet {{PD}}

Or is that ‘to whom’? The Sun and Mercury meet in Superior Conjunction today, with ‘Superior’ describing Mercury as in direct motion–and so delivering in full bloom what was seeded at the Inferior Conjunction that occurred during Merc’s retrograde phase (around 9 August). This meeting coincides with the Sun-Mercury trine to Sedna; coupled with the conjunction’s placement in Virgo, we can anticipate the SC bringing a message or accounting via results or plans implemented 2+ months ago. Mercury-Sun also noviles Venus, hinting that what we learn may involve either the ‘worth’ of relationships or deal with more concrete financial matters. In either case, we get info that demands a critical assessment of previous plans and efforts.

And here come the more subtle facets of those financial or relationship matters: Venus parallels the Black Moon Lilith point as well as the South Node point, suggesting there are very fine shades to what we learn, and that they echo both the past, and matters we have been ignoring or denying. Those echoes may stir the emotions, as the Aquarius Moon passes over both those points, suggesting one of two outcomes: we may either receive an intuitive revelation, which shows us the way to the next step, or feeling overwhelms, undercutting the information and perhaps flooding us with confusion. Being aware of the latter possibility is key; knowing that can happen can help us re-focus on the facts if it does.

Today’s word image is ‘The Sound of Music’. Having heard this mentioned repeatedly by several different sources within a very short time, I know the image/ idea is sound (ha! see what I did there?) but is also open to individual interpretation. Does the musical spring to mind for you? For me it was literally ‘the sound of music’, as I’ve been to three concerts in the past ten days, and in the same period I also discovered that if I listen to my iPod before bed, I don’t go to bed!! So, for me, this amounted to Self-revelation. For others, maybe it’s about appreciation (‘My Favorite Things’), finding Love or social elevation (the governess marries the aristocrat), losing a particular ‘shape’ to one’s faith (a nun leaves the convent), or escape (“Look–Nazis! Run!”)