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Beautiful rendering of a human eye. Essia dkhili Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Today Mercury enters Libra and burrows briefly (and is joined by the Sun shortly thereafter, with Merc’s stay in the config lasting through the 23rd) into a T-square by opposing Chiron-Hygeia and squaring Vesta-Saturn. Our focus may move to what others are doing and how unhealthy that is, especially if we feel they are wounding us. We tell ourselves we’re just trying to be good partners, but the reality is we’re upset because they’re not doing ‘it’ our way–and we may pull indignation, righteousness, and tradition out of our bag, hoping to force their cooperation (or, of course, others may do that to us). But, our salvation comes in applying our effort and attention on attaining our own goals, on fulfilling ambitions, rather than in changing others. This approach grounds us, and asks us to concentrate on manifesting our skills, doing what we’re here to do (whether we are consciously aware of this role/ mission, or not). This is our best response as Merc contra-parallels Pallas, which may have the effect of thoroughly separating reasoning from what we know to be wise or practical–and yet, a trine to Juno from Merc and the Sun means we can see how to get control of the situation, how to make it work for us: eye on the prize, that’s how.

To D.M., who wrote to me privately: no worries, I don’t mind the questions, and I’m happy to explain: I take into account the overall picture in my analysis; in my view it’s unnecessary to list everything in effect, in part because my focus is on what will change for us, and in part because lists of aspects can be misleading, inviting people to over-interpret (that is, look for aspects to directly describe everything, a focus that encourages people to sort and see things separately, discouraging a holistic view and so discouraging comprehensive understanding), or inviting readers to think the answers lie in the aspects–technically they lie in the interpretation and synthesis of the aspects, which is why my time and energy go there, and is presumably why readers come here. That’s the Art of Astrology, and why being armed with a list of aspects doesn’t make someone an astrologer, or even aware of how those aspects are affecting their lives.

(Also perfecting today: Pallas nov Zeus, Sun trine Juno)