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Notice the butterfly-like wings peeking out from behind Psyche. ‘The Abduction of Psyche; 1895 By William-Adolphe Bouguereau {{PD}}

We may have some very ‘unhealthy’  or contrary thoughts, but how are we going to respond to them? Will we refuse to question our own assumptions, insisting that our ideas and assertions are sacred, not to be modified even one iota despite intellectual recognition that they are ‘out there’? As our attention turns toward partnership, toward sharing and healing, we’d be smart to accept the unusual quality of our ideas at this time, to exploit them for their originality, their ability to help us innovate and invent, their capacity both to help us express the uniqueness of our individual natures and to help us fit in with or contribute to ‘the group’. We can be wonderful, radical butterflies right now, if we recognize the ephemeral character of what occurs, and the beauty and creativity available if we are flexible enough to take it in, to modify our viewpoint. A special kind of day, one where we can celebrate our uniqueness, if we’ll only open to it. (T-square Mercury opp Hygeia, both square Vesta, Merc also qnx Uranus, Neptune nov SN, Sun enters Libra and opp Chiron)

Today’s word image is just a word: ‘incorrigible’. The basic definition in adjectival form is, ‘(of a person or their tendencies) not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed.’ I’ve always heard the word used in a cutesy way, applied to someone behaving badly that the speaker doesn’t want to punish or judge, but to instead implicate is unchangeable, being themselves, a ‘boys will be boys’ attitude that removes responsibility for behavior and choices from the individual and places it within their nature, as if the characteristics displayed are inevitable parts of the Being, and so must be accepted. Of course, we have a version of this travesty of co-dependent excuse-making playing out before us right now with Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh and his supporters responding to sexual assault accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. We may be looking at the battle between Zeus and Pluto in Cardinal square with Kavanaugh’s defenders–ambition and power so ravenous they actually work against each other, revealing the naked desire to obliterate the Truth in favor of bestowing unquestioned power and reach, seeing their desires as sacred. Is there someone like this in your life, someone who thinks their egregious behavior is simply a reflection of their superiority, their right? There’s an old retort I’d like to put to Kavanaugh and his ilk: ‘Have you no shame?’ The answer, apparently, is no, they don’t.