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Ramon Casas i Carbó ‘La Carga (The Charge) or Barcelona 1902’ {{PD}}

As previously noted, today is the day to Do It! Let’s break it down: Saturn conjoins Vesta, offering a sacred view of reality–good for connecting us to the sanctity of the energy manifestations around us, not so good if we take it to mean the status quo dare not be disturbed (add to this that the Moon enters Taurus just after midnight Pacific time, enhancing the tactile impact, the sensuality, comfort levels, and so making what’s material feel even more ‘real’, and take a more prominent place in our awareness); Mars noviles Neptune, prompting action on our ideals and creative urges, effectively giving us the chance to at least begin to bring dreams into reality, not so good if we act on delusions or out of misunderstanding; Mercury conjoins Ceres while being contra-parallel, as it also is to Chiron, giving us the capacity to think with authority, ‘like a boss’, and connecting thoughts to both Nature and nurture, though the contra-parallels suggest we may shrink from actually exercising our authority out of fear of hurt; and the Sun trines Mars, offering abundant energy and a clear view of both our own and others’ Will and aggressions.

All those are perfecting today, but a couple of other things to note: if you have a natal placement roughly 2-6 Gemini, your natal body/ point fills in an Air Grand Trine, with the notable part being that Mars is also closely conjoined by Black Moon Lilith and the South Node; for everyone, this could flavor actions with what we’d rather deny or ignore, and may find us drawing on the past or from among past choices, as if there are no ‘new’ alternatives–but for the person with a natal body involved, this could speak of current actions combined with past choices, denial or indifference, and these finally find a balance in terms of the natal body expression.

Have a great Thursday!