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You may be as inspired as Joan of Arc today, here shown offering guidance to a young woman. By Jules Bastien-Lepage {{PD}}

Two major players make subtle contacts today, and though there are a few other ‘conversations’ taking place, none carry the impact to the mentality and the attention-focus these do. We see Mercury novile Jupiter and sesquiquadrate Sedna, suggesting some brilliant thoughts on the philosophical meaning of things, on the belief system, on the social order, and on personal attempts at learning/ educating and expanding the scope of the individual purview, and these may shake the instincts, challenging us to integrate ‘blind spot’ material or to access that which we ‘know but don’t know’. The mind is inspired by faith or by fact, and that creates some stress over some aspect of the interior ‘knowing’. Likely, the dazzling idea or realization springs directly from this stirred un- or barely conscious material. It’s a chance for both revelation about the Self, and revelation about the world you live in.

The other dynamic aspect is the Sun’s trine to the Black Moon Lilith point. This helps the Mercury realization process by putting a spotlight on those things we naturally push into the shadows. We really can’t be indifferent to what we have ignored, denied, or what has enraged us, and it, too, is stirred up. Like a centrifuge the mind spins a lot of unconsciously held material today, and what is pulled from that can create optimism or open up opportunity–so take note of what surfaces at this time, even if it doesn’t immediately seem to have value or obviously forward your cause–because, eventually, what it adds to conscious thought, and its usefulness, becomes clear.