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‘Old Mill: The Morning Bell’ by Winslow Homer 1871 {{PD}}

Calling it a grind really is making this weekend sound much more harsh, and perhaps much slower-paced, than it really will be. With Pluto stationing direct on the 30th, we may feel that immensely slow grind and reversal and not really notice that in other ways we’re fleet, smart, wrestling with creative problems, with creating the future, and with looking for the best ways to empower ourselves, and so get where we want to go. Actions are effective and efficient; trouble only comes when we try to pin down power, especially when we try to mull, categorize, and codify it. If we’ll only let it flow through us, a river of energy that carries our talents, then we can draw on that power like a watermill, giving that power expression shape, form, purpose.

Be aware, too, that our psychic wounds have a direct pipeline to our health, and so may show in bodily issues even more strongly than usual. Our imaginations can cause problems, as well, if we overthink or go with speculation instead of fact (Perfecting this weekend includes: Chiron conj Hygeia, Mars parallel Saturn, Merc contra-parallel Hygeia, sesq and contra-parallel Juno, and qnx Neptune, Sun parallel Pallas and contra-parallel Ceres, Pallas nov NN)

Have a lovely weekend!