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Charles West Cope ‘The Night Alarm’ 1871 {{PD}}

We are compelled to run into the dark recesses of the mind, the places we’ve been avoiding or in denial of, and we (probably wrongly) believe we can get in and out unscathed. Today we believe in the power of the intellect to surmount or address every issue–silly us! There’s something about those hidden, forbidden, or enraging topics that pulls us in, that makes us run into the burning building, and despite our hair catching fire, we still think we are at one remove, safe, unharmed. Beware the illusion of invincibility, even as you embrace the chance to right something gone very, very wrong (Mars conj Black Moon Lilith, Sun contra-parallel Chiron)

Morse Code receiver and recorder from the late 19th century. Photo By Rauantiques CC BY-SA 4.0

Today’s word image is a future where media–print, dvds, cds, film, video, all ways of recording picture, sound, thoughts–is scarce. For me that would almost be like losing language itself. What would you miss? Would your life be deeply affected, or barely touched, by the disappearance of such material? Now imagine that future world is your brain–are there ‘tapes’ you’d like to get rid of? Would your future be poorer if you were able to erase the painful things, or richer, freer? What ones do you want to make sure to keep, no matter what? Sort through them, and give yourself permission to discard the ones that are negative, painful, or no longer valid, just as long as you have nothing else to learn from them, or don’t need them as important reminders. (This image points me toward the Void Gemini Moon period, or perhaps toward Mars, SN, and BML huddling together in Aquarius, ‘acting to wipe out the past’, plus Saturn-Vesta in Capricorn: ‘What constructs and parts of the past are sacred, to be honored and preserved?’)