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Drawn By Walter Crane, Engraved and Printed by Edmund Evans 1907 {{PD}}

We can address issues, especially practical problems, ones that are skill-related, or ones that are pressing us for smart solutions, with the greatest of imagination and ease today. Thinking it through is necessary, and at first we may start from the point of what we can’t change, but soon inspiration is upon us–so we’d be wise to tackle things we’ve previously seen as insurmountable or as not presenting any viable solutions–because today, if they can be solved, we’ll be able to see the solution. That doesn’t mean, though, that we’ll magically see a way forward for something that’s not meant to be in the first place–only that which can thrive with the right approach will fire the imaginative and creative spirit today. Also beware of accepting deceptive or misleading communications; the same energy that opens us to the creative also opens us to untruths.

(Neptune opp Pallas, Mercury sq Pluto and parallel Neptune)

Tea harvesting in Japan ‘Smiles at Harvest Time’ 1914 Photo by Elstner Hilton, published to Wikimedia by A.Davey from Portland, Oregon, EE UU under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Here’s something interesting on a tea especially harvested during particular Full Moons–