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Michelangelo’s ‘Cleopatra’ {{PD}}

The New Moon forms at 8:47 PM PDT of the 8th at 15 Libra 48; it’s notable that both Sun and most recently the Moon have swept over Ceres and remain at the New Moon point still conjoined, though swiftly moving away. This suggests relationship power balances have recently been vetted or made themselves quite clear–so at least part of what you consider at this New Moon is whether you’re happy with that, and what new practices you might want to begin, especially related to the partnership, cooperative, aesthetic, or mate situation (Libra)–though keep in mind that with Venus retrograde, your tastes will be other than usual–and that suggests precipitous change, especially that which can’t be undone, is to be avoided.

The New Moon is also loosely conjoined, both bodies in this case heading toward conjunction, asteroid Zeus, implying that New Moon new starts may be driven by deep desire, ambition fulfillment, or lust. We want something voraciously–if we admit to our appetites, it will be much easier for us to get it.

The NM squares Pluto, in effect creating a T-square if we count the Earth, which always always opposes the Sun. This suggests that conundrum: are the new beginnings at this point born of changes we must respond to and can’t help, that are outside us, or do we make the changes ourselves proactively, wishing to create the new start? Some of us will make our move, but others will need that external circumstance to push them forward. Know that if something occurs or comes at you at this time that seems harsh, final, driven by powers outside yourself, that it’s really working in concert with an inner wish, or at least, is appearing in order to allow you to act or to rid yourself of something you wouldn’t have been able to facilitate or shed on your own. Bonus: if you have a natal point at 15-19 Cancer, you’ll have a Cardinal Grand Cross filled in, making that natal energy very active and probably bringing some kind of ‘power showdown’ surrounding it or matters of the House where it sits or that it rules.

Neptune is quincunxed by the New Moon, and Juno is sesquiquadrate. The Neptune contact suggests that New Moon activity may be an adjustment in response to what we imagined but which has proven not exactly as we anticipated, or as a modification to a creative effort, seen in light of new beginnings or a new aesthetic perception (again, remember the Venus retro). Bonus: if you have a placement at 14-16.5 of Taurus, this forms a Finger of God with apex the NM, promising that some creative matter or deceptions affecting circumstances related to the natal planet or the subjects/ Houses it rules may come to a head at the NM, likely revealing, if not what to do about it, then certainly how to feel about it.

The NM sesquiquadrate to Juno says that, as we already know, our power and empowerment options will be affected–but it points toward some difficulty or awkwardness around our current status. Do we want to do something but fear we don’t hold the authority to make it happen? Is Zeusian passion pushing us in a direction we fear others might not find acceptable? Or is it a matter of the position we hold, and how it constrains us? In any case, the New Moon presents a need to re-work our aims, in light of what we truly deeply want. Bonus: A natal placement at 29 Aquarius-1 Pisces means a Fist of God is completed, implying that the natal energy in conflict with your personal empowerment situation or sense of authority may bring about the New Moon new beginning.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘After A Storm A Boat Landing Stands In Need Of Reconstruction’. This tells us that destruction, much of it caused by prior circumstances or events, prompts even further destruction, in order to re-build. Expect a little clearing out to occur, even as a new ‘power position’, and maybe a new emotional outlook on a Libran subject, finds its footing and makes changes in your world, giving you a new and improved space from which to launch new projects or new life directions.