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By Ramon Casas i Carbó c1890 {{PD}}

I’m not resuming daily posts, but did want to give everyone some tips for the coming week. The 18th we can be highly effective in material matters; that is, in actual manipulation of the environment or physical components. Tackle chores or go forward with efforts that express ideals or that follow ‘Higher Mind’ precepts–they’ll be executed with a touch of genius, right now. Be aware, though: just because ‘it’ is appealing, doesn’t mean it’s a smart choice (Mars nov Saturn and semi-sq Chiron, Venus semi-sq Pallas)

The 19th is a day when using one’s authority and creativity together is a winning combination. Ambitions can be realized–but only if we can avoid being impulsive and/ or avoid using ideas originating from our own hurt feelings or from angry Self-justification. As long as ambitions reflect ideals, things should go well; the minute we sink to ego level, we come up short (Ceres conj Zeus, Mercury sq Mars, sesq Chiron, trine Neptune)

My favorite representations of the Tarot ‘Fool’ show him blithely ready to step off a cliff–something like the attitude we need to adopt today. {{PD}}

The 20th presents a tricky equation: we have to act without resorting to power roles or personal ‘pull’, while simultaneously dealing with ‘blind spot’ material that, quite logically, we can’t possibly see! We may need to put our faith in our instincts, even as we trust that the Universe will deliver what we might otherwise be tempted to pursue using privilege, influence, or outright payment. A balancing act best symbolized by the Tarot card ‘The Fool’–trust in the Universe, but also in one’s own inner voice (Juno contra-parallel Ceres, Sun qnx Sedna)

By the 21st ‘it’ piles up–and by it I mean thoughts and impulses that may seem to have no effective outlet. We may be tempted to make unwise choices in an effort to avoid matters we’ve been ignoring or denying, or to dodge a fight over things that enrage us. It may feel as if everything we honor is being trampled. We must acknowledge needs even as we hold back automatically acting on them. Proactively we need to do two things to effectively cope: reach out only in blatantly healthy and positive ways, and seek the optimistic and the opportunities that attitude presents–all else is folly (Pallas sesq Black Moon Lilith, Vesta sesq Sedna, Jupiter trine Hygeia, Mars parallel BML, Mercury parallel Mars, Jupiter, and BML)

On the 22nd we see the ‘right’ move, if we can see what is of worth from the past, and if we don’t let our imaginations run away with us or let deceptions mislead us. Thoughts on Power and its effects are perceptive and probably accurate, and words and thoughts can be transformative (for good or ill), but if implementing change requires rebellion or varying from your core identity/ character, then it’s not a good idea, after all. And no matter what, cause no harm (Mars parallel Jupiter, Venus parallel SN, Mercury sxt Pluto, Sun contra-parallel Uranus, qnx Chiron, sesq Neptune)

For the 23rd, optimism and embracing ‘the facts’ are key. Contrary to earlier in the week, what appeals is smart, especially if it causes you to see the beauty in the past having rolled out just the way it did. The Sun enters Scorpio, and in so doing may challenge your ideas of what your role should be; as long as you respect individuality while emphasizing reliability and regularity, you’ll find yourself in exactly the spot you need to be (and prompted to purge exactly what needs purging). (Jupiter parallel BML, Venus nov Pallas, Mercury parallel SN and Venus, Sun opp Uranus and qnx Juno)

Juno enters Taurus on the 24th, and coupled with Venus’ sextile to Saturn may bring us ‘down to Earth’ in positive, profitable, or soothing ways. It’s a day when enjoying the material fruits of our position will better our standing or our environment–the only caution is betting too much on our ‘day in the Sun’, without giving due consideration to where we’ve come from, and where we’re going (Sun sq Nodal axis)

Full Moon forecast to follow. I may come back during the week to add Daily Images. Remember, Venus is still retro, so caution in Venusian life areas is smart. Have a lovely week!