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‘The Death of the Gravedigger’ c1900 By Carlos Schwabe {{PD}}

I don’t know about you, but for me, this Venus retro period has brought vivid, almost tactile dreams, defining moments in relationships, and unsettling encounters with strangers who seem to crawl out of the woodwork. At first, of course, I just thought it was me, drawing in weirdness because of some psychic pheromone I was unknowingly putting off–but turns out, others are having these experiences, too.

The retrograde happening in Scorpio had already primed me to expect a certain amount of digging, a handful of turned earth, now and then, the dark corners lit up, and I’d expected the resurrection or final termination of certain Venusian pastimes, pursuits, and in some relationship or money matters in general, and all of it keyed to the last retro of Venus in this House of my chart, 8 years ago (the 10th, for the curious–so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that each ‘event’ took place in public!) I didn’t count on the square of Venus to Black Moon Lilith, the way Mars mingled with the latter and moved on to square the former, the way Merc in Scorpio has begun to slow in preparation for that retrograde period, which closely follows Venus’ direction, the way Chiron and Sedna are sextile and forming a Finger of God with apex the Scorpio Sun (the Finger especially potent, as it combines a sense of woundedness with those matters we ‘know but don’t know’, creating a stew of hidden motives, just-below-the-surface hurts, and suddenly revealed atrocities)–in short, I didn’t count on all the varied sh*t stirring that would be going on simultaneously.

Rather than just a review of 8 years ago focused on career, public role, status in all its forms, reputation, business–all those 10th House matters–what I’ve gotten has been a series of encounters that have either showed me who others really are, beneath the civilized surface, or that have brought strangers pushing forward with what I can only describe as attempts at inappropriate interaction–that is, ones that break social boundaries and barriers, and not in a good way. They’ve each one featured at least one of the Scorpionic specialties: death, sex, darkness, regeneration, change, destruction, loss. As I said, at first I thought it was me, pulling in others with murky motives and nefarious aims, so naturally I looked at myself, wondering, ‘Am I doing that? Is this a reflection of my own behavior?’

Nothing made sense, until it did; that Aha! of recognition came (as it always does) when I stopped taking it personally and looked for the larger pattern, which involves the Truth about Love, Money, and/ or Relationships–so, if you’re seeing this, too, how is this manifesting for you? Check as many as apply, and feel free to comment, add your own answers, or to elaborate.

Have a lovely weekend! For the forecast, click here–and for a review of Venus Retrograde, see here–Thank You!