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‘Moonrise’ By Béla Iványi-Grünwald 1897 {{PD}}

You’d think that with a Full Moon in Taurus, serenity would be on the agenda, a mild, calming, soothing interlude of sensory indulgence or outright peace–but it’s not. 9:45 AM PDT of the 24th the Moon perfects opposition to the Sun/ conjunction to the Earth at 1 Taurus 13, just after conjoining Uranus–and there’s our disorder, excitement, chaos culprit. Something preceding the Full Moon throws us for a loop, into a tizzy, or turns our world upside down; at the very least we are subjected to the uncontrollable, the shocking, or to the Will of the group. The emotional reveal, the ending, climax, or denouement that follows with culmination shows us either the emotional impact of material changes, or prompts material changes that then exert an emotional impact–and these may or may not follow directly from the preceding events–there’s the chance that the two may be unconnected, except for the one-two punch they convey.

Even at the height of the pre-Full Moon chaos, we’ll have the ability to ‘read’ the material world (FM wide trine to Saturn); the only question is, will we be willing to see what’s evident before us? Believe your eyes; believe solid changes or the current state of things, rather than any spin offered by others.

The opposition to Venus conjoined the origin of the light that creates the Full Moon in the first place (the Sun) suggests that mysteries surrounding, or secrets revealed concerning relationships, values, and/ or financial considerations are the well(s) from which that chaotic tension springs, probably via the review and reassessment going on due to the retrograde–and a semi-square of the Full Moon to Neptune implies delusion or inability to focus on that original material as being relevant, or in a best-case scenario says that difficulties spark creative or imaginative responses.

By Scotto Bear from North Beach, MD, USA Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

With the Sun and Nodal axis coupled with the Full Moon event we get the dynamism of a Grand Cross, suggesting the Lunar energy has a ‘many outlets at once’ character. It may feel like events right now have a lot of moving parts, and they do, so don’t expect yourself to keep on top of all of them–right now it’s all about feeling, and seeing the reality of things (that Saturn influence, plus the way the senses and material surroundings will ‘pop’–the Taurus influence).

‘Perfume’ By Fujishima Takeji 1915 {{PD}}

The Full Moon Sabian symbol is, ‘An Electrical Storm’, perfectly reflecting the shock, potential chaos, the electrifying effect of the emotional responses to events. The symbol for the Sun, light-giver to the event, is, ‘A Delicate Bottle Of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing Its Fragrance’. This image suggests that despite any destruction or upset (broken bottle), something beautiful arises from it that fills the air. What happens may carry the aura of trauma, sudden change, or loss, but the atmosphere itself becomes permeated, benefits from, is enhanced by, what results.

Usually I don’t discuss other events concurrent with a New or Full Moon, as they won’t impact the overall Lunar picture, though sometimes they are in play in such a way that they augment or provide background to the event. This time I think it’s worth noting that there’s a Mystic Rectangle in play: Pallas in Virgo, Jupiter in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and Juno-Sedna in Taurus. These are either subtle energies (asteroids) or moving through a sign of mystery and nuance (Scorpio)–and that implies a stealthy effect here, the potential for fortuitous convergence of energies that happens right under our noses, but not necessarily on our radar.

The components of the Mystic Rectangle offer smart critical thinking (Pallas), the revealing of opportunity (Jupiter), inspiration or healing by tapping into what connects us to the Collective (Chiron), and autonomy lead by instinct (Juno-Sedna). This may reveal itself in some as confidence, in others as grasping an opportunity at just the right moment, and in still others sees them step into a social role well-timed. For some this won’t be accessed–such is the nature of more subtle energies, and certainly, one must be ‘on the move’ in some sense, or have something ‘cooking’, to take advantage of this–it won’t deliver good fortune without well-thought-out individual initiative.

Thank you to All, and enjoy your Full Moon experience!