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‘Los pescadores valencianos’ By Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida 1895 {{PD}}

The 25th could be the day when what we don’t see could get us. Jupiter opposes Sedna and may suck all the oxygen out of the room; opportunities, chances to expand our world or get the word out, social roles, and unfettered optimism all threaten to ambush us as they distract from instincts and those things we ‘know but don’t know’, those prompts and internal pressures we would normally listen to and follow. We are invited to overdo, to ignore our internal warning system in favor of what we believe are ‘the facts’; the problem is that what we’re framing as facts are actually beliefs, a hopeful interpretation of what bare bones we are acknowledging.

We find a helpful guide at this time in the parallels of Venus and Jupiter to the Black Moon Lilith point. What appeals, promises Love or Money in some idealized form, those opportunities held out to us, will contain hidden things, traps constructed of what we have ignored or denied, or that harbor circumstances which, should we get our way, will only enrage us in their ultimate injustice. Knowing this, we can inspect what attracts with a keener eye, taking the time to really see what’s before us, warts and all. Resolve to notice what you might be tempted to brush aside, and to note all the components of a situation–it’s the only way to make effective decisions we won’t later regret.

Got squirrel? ‘The Squirrel’ By James Jebusa Shannon c1896 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a squirrel that unsuccessfully tries again and again to get into a bird feeder. What are you relentlessly going after that is never going to pay off? Can you admit this, and put your energies elsewhere, or has this become so much a part of your identity that you’d rather continue fruitless pursuit, just to keep your idea of who you are intact?

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