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‘Le Premier Disque’ By Robert Delaunay, 1912–13 {{PD}}

Retro Venus creates a T-square with the Nodal axis today, suggesting we may be at a life direction determining point in the Venus transit cycle–and with Chiron parallel Hygeia, even the hurtful things we do to ourselves or others, or that come at us from externals, will still somehow work out to our advantage. This will be (though it may not feel like it, so subtle may be the workings of the Universe) a time of reckoning in the archaic sense, “a bill or account, or its settlement”. Expect the bill to come due or be paid, but in either case, know that this is only the first notice; you’ll (or they’ll) have time to work it out, to make it all right.

Mercury will oppose Juno at 29 degrees of their respective signs, then enter Sagittarius and perfect a semi-sextile to Venus and a novile to Zeus. This is a mini-plat map of our minds and how they’ll be working. There’s tension over empowerment, whatever our issue with it: will we be able to do what we want to? will others oppose us? do we oppose others’ exercise of their prerogatives–or does it seem they’re overstepping, that that’s why we object? Then we suddenly want to escape, so either head toward what can inform us, or head for the horizon–and this makes for some discomfort in relationships, or makes for minor financial stress, but may give us a genuinely brilliant boost in ambition realization or desire fulfillment.

Go ahead Taurus, play a role or serve someone. ‘Geisha no zu’ By Yamakawa Shūhō c1925 {{PD}}

Today’s word image comes from me asking myself, OK, what’s the image for this day? and looking up to see the title of a book jump out at me, ‘Think Like a Freak’. Well that certainly resonates with my Aquarian Ascendant, so I’ll offer a couple of options for every Ascendant sign; take it with good humor, and consider the many variations these can imply. For instance, if your Ascendant is Gemini you might be tempted to be offended by the suggestion that you ‘think like a gossip’–but the utility of that comes if you are doing something and you think like a gossip, you will know exactly what those actions might stir in others of a negative quality–and so can avoid any ‘gossip repercussions’. For Leo it might be that you need to be a little more Self-centered, and this is your prompt.

Aries: Think Like a Leader or Pioneer

Taurus: Think Like a Geisha or Gourmand

Gemini: Think Like a Networker or a Gossip

Cancer: Think Like Mom or The Most Sensitive Person You Know

Leo: Think Like a King or The Most Self-Centered Person You Know

Virgo: Think Like an Accountant or ‘Lady Bountiful’

Libra: Think Like Your Partner or Your Enemy

Scorpio: Think Like You Have a Secret You Need to Keep or a Mystery You Need to Solve

Sagittarius: Think Like a Teacher or a Bachelor (Someone With No Attachments)

Capricorn: Think Like The Person in Charge or a Person in Denial

Aquarius: Think Like a Freak or Like Someone in the Avant Garde

Pisces: Think Like You Are The Essence of Creativity or Space Out and Don’t Think At All

Have a great day!