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‘The Whisper of the Muse: Elizabeth Keown, G.F. Watts and Kate Keown’ By Julia Margaret Cameron 1865 {{PD}}

Expect the unexpected, especially from partners, mates, and those with whom we interact socially. Venus opposes Uranus from the 00 degree of Scorpio, then backs into Libra; the pattern suggests a reveal, a secret generated or held that prompts erratic, unusual, or desperate material choices, and in this mystery we may be the one with the secret, or we may be the one who acts precipitously in what amounts to a response prompted by things known by the Higher Mind but not the conscious one. Once that plays out, we see Venus back into that last, stressed degree of Libra, shunting all the tension into relationships.

We may see in others or experience ourselves the unhealthy need to dominate (Ceres qnx Hygeia), which exerts its own destructive influence, and thinking, too, may be erratic or, if we’re ‘tuned in’, groundbreaking or successfully drawing on Higher Mind to inform our decisions and attitude. Proof of an attuned state follows in the way we can easily bring ideas into the material realm–and proof of skewed thinking shows in blocked pathways or in ‘mental obstacles’ that leave us feeling stumped about correct procedure or direction. What we need to know, though, is that what occurs today is being guided by our Higher Selves; there are certain things the Soul requires to live out its mission, and without even trying, today we’re setting those circumstances up/ in motion (Mercury parallel Saturn, qnx Uranus, trine NN, Sun nov Pallas)

I’d like a little sliced tomato with that. Photo By Scott Bauer, USDA ARS {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a tomato. Do you think it’s a fruit or a vegetable? Are they delicious or disgusting? Do you love what comes from them (marinara, pizza sauce) but not the fruit itself? Consider how subjective (and sometimes extreme) each individual’s feelings are about the humble tomato–and take this as a prompt to consider how much you may be projecting onto someone or something. Our preferences or assumptions can so thoroughly color our perceptions that we may not see something as it is at all, but only as we’ve cast it in our minds, to the point where we may believe it’s something that it’s not (and we’re back to fruit v. veggie territory). Mother Nature, aka Ceres, is at 25 Libra today, and may help pinpoint what you’re applying the ‘tomato principle’ to in real life.