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Saturday the 3rd we’re trying to achieve some kind of détente between a need to express our empowerment, to really feel it, and an urge to act and express out of hurt. We are conscious of how unproductive our wounds are, how expression that springs from them may cause more problems than it solves, but we feel a deep need to have our emotional upset heard and validated–and so we are vulnerable to harming relationships or financial situations, if we allow a sense of victimhood to override the practical and effective, to lay waste the eternal values we believe in. Processed well, our feelings will foster compassion, even as we focus on Self-responsibility, letting go of any need to make an emotional (that is, destructive) point (Finger of God with base of Chiron-Juno, apex retro Venus).

Thoughts may feel as if they’re perpetually on the edge of tipping into a destructive abyss, but our conscious alignment is with Love and caring–so step away from the edge by stopping to smell the flowers, by being grateful for what we have, and by transforming the mental attitude by concentrating on transforming what we truly have the power to effect (Sun parallel Venus, Mercury semi-sq Pluto).

Sunday the 4th Pallas moves into Libra, focusing our sense of productive expression of skills on the ways these may benefit alliances, relationships, aesthetic matters, and our personal financial arena. We must adjust urges, balancing spontaneous needs to rebel or be unpredictable with what’s wise or practical, balancing the need to feel ‘in charge’ and show dominion over our ‘territory’ while listening to and honoring that still, small voice of conscience, instinct, and inner knowing. A willingness to adjust serves ambitions and helps curb what in all likelihood is a too assertive sense of Self (Sun parallel Mars, Mercury semi-sq Zeus, Uranus qnx Pallas, Ceres qnx Sedna)

By Gisy Marconi – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=51906717

Our weekend word image is a mirror with ‘smoked’ glass, rendering it unable to offer a reflection. Know it or not, we are all currently having difficulty seeing who we are. This weekend offers several opportunities to see ourselves more clearly–the only question is, will we recognize that information when we see it?

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!