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Oh Sagittarius, is this your version of looking back? ‘Sonnenuntergang’ By Franz Stuck 1891 {{PD}}

I don’t mean we all used to be wise, and now aren’t, shall we say, the sharpest sticks in the pile; I mean instead that memory holds the answer to something we’re experiencing now. We see the beauty in our own empowerment, in our own agency, the worth of owning our authority, walking our talk, and combined with what we’ve learned from earlier in life, we are offered a unique chance to heal a deep, persistent wound–and in the healing, release a tremendous surge of creative energy. Do the work, and the ability to manifest, in all forms imaginable, will follow. Fail to complete the ‘assignment’, and you’ve still taken significant and highly useful steps that will be instrumental, one way or another, in shaping tomorrow (Pallas trine SN, Venus conj Ceres, Sun sesq Chiron and trine Neptune)

Today’s word image is: what seems to be a visit, letter, message, or signal from the future is really an echo of the past that applies to now. This directly reflects the meaning of the current aspects. I’ll let you puzzle this out for yourself, as it will definitely be a highly individual, and maybe very slight, thing that only you will recognize as valid; here’s a little humorous inspiration (or is this an explanation, taking the mystery out of things?) should you need it.