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‘The Circus’ By Charles Demuth 1917 {{PD}}

Are you feeling better yet? Better than the past few days, weeks, or months? If not, today will start the recovery, for those who haven’t yet escaped the maelstrom of ‘fake news’, disappointment at life developments and the unexpected results of choices, or for those who are simply sensitive to the ongoing chaos of current times. Balance arrives as we gain a clear idea of what we need and of what’s healthy for us; we have the wisdom and the energy to implement changes that support us and our values. The only thing we might have to sacrifice (and this is likely only temporary) is an ambition or two–but putting a little distance between ourselves and our quarry will probably show it’s not the most important thing to go after right now, anyway. We seek and find an equitable situation in relationships and in compensation for our efforts, but be aware: we get what we need in this department, not necessarily what we want.

(Venus trine Mars, Vesta sq Zeus, Juno contra-parallel Hygeia, Sun semi-sq Pallas)

Don’t worry about what they think of you. ‘Two Girls Carrying a Basket’ By Paul Sandby Undated {{PD}}

I’ve gone round and round about today’s word image, but I keep coming back to the same overall idea: the judgments of others, and how much they do or don’t affect you. How hard is it for you to remember that those are just opinions, and not even your own opinions, about you or something in your life? Do you see certain individuals as having a ‘right’ to comment? Do you feel you have a right to comment on anyone else? How much are your choices driven by or curbed by what you think others will think? And are you aware that this latter is your supposition, so really a judgment imposed by yourself? Strive today, for just 24 hours, to listen only to yourself, to refuse to imagine what others will say, and see whether you feel better or worse than usual at the end of the day. I’m betting on better. 

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