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‘Early spring’ 1885 By Ivan Endogurov / Иван Ендогуров {{PD}}

It’s a day to stay in our lanes, and yet to make those lanes as wide as possible, to claim all our territory, to embrace our roles and the authority those carry. It’s not a day for ego or to shout ‘Look at me!’; instead, we do best to keep thinking and plans closely aligned with highest values and priorities, and to accept that the kind of power we should pursue is consistently smart and practical–and nothing else.  Disruptors include the unexpected or unreliable in relationships and income streams, and a potential lack of grace displayed when confronted with new or revolutionary ideas.

(Pallas parallel Ceres, Venus contra-parallel Uranus, Merc nov Vesta, Sun opp Juno)

‘Ucho Van Gogha’ Andrzej Karpiński 1994 Fotoart2014 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Today’s word image is an electronic device (phone, computer, Alexa, Siri, television) engaged in unauthorized listening within your home. Does that concept freak you out, creep you out, or do you think it might be a good thing, helpful in a case of break-in or injury where you could shout for help? Today we might pay attention to how much privacy we actually have, and how we feel about that.