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‘Jar, Bottle and Glass’ By Juan Gris 1911 {{PD}}

We have a way with the material world today, a kind of genius for manipulating tangibles, a capacity to build, form, shape, accumulate, and set boundaries–so what gets in our way? Power struggles, especially those centered in relationship dynamics, financial dependencies, and in questions of autonomy vs. authority. Issues arise because we either refuse to listen to our own inner voice, our own instincts, or because we are pushing through some of our own blind spot material, and problems are merely others reflecting back to us what we’re not seeing. A good day, if we are as open to feelings, our own and others’, as we are to interaction with the physical world.

(Venus qnx Juno, Sun nov Saturn and opp Sedna)

‘Night in Saint-Cloud’ By Edvard Munch 1890 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a rapidly darkening day. In the Northern Hemisphere we’re all getting a taste of this now, as winter approaches and the days shorten, but my focus is on the sense of darkness coming prematurely, night arriving much sooner in our ‘day’ than we expect. Is there some area in your life where you feel ‘darkness’, or perhaps an ending, closing in? Is there a feeling of panic, upset, or disappointment over having less time to address this than you thought you would (or that you want)? And is this feeling diverting attention from those things you could do to affect what’s coming–are you so busy lamenting and wishing for ‘more’ that you aren’t really seeing and enjoying what you have?