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‘Flower Clouds’ By Odilon Redon 1903 {{PD}}

All attention is on today’s perfection of Mars in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius (unless you’re wrestling with the Aries Moon’s trine to retro Mercury in Sag, in which case, ‘Why did I do it?’ ‘Why didn’t I know that?’ or ‘Why did I say it?’ are on a continuous loop in your conscious mind). Mars doesn’t take to warm and fuzzy (or wet and disorienting) easily, so whatever aggressive dreams, actions in support of ideals, or creative warrior stance you’ve taken since his entry into Pisces gets pumped up with contact to exaggerator-in-chief Jupiter. You may feel all you want is a square deal, a fair shake at implementing the Neptunian Nirvana you want to put in place, but you’re doing it all by your lonesome (Mars) and the social order or some all-knowing authority (Jupiter) wants to teach you a thing or two about sharing, outreach, and the larger picture.

(also Vesta sextiles Hygeia)

What a jokester that guy is! ‘Krishna Spilling the Milk Maids’ Pots’ Artist Unknown CC BY 4.0

Today’s word image is a glass of spilled milk. Well that’s obvious, right? Something is gone, lost, wasted, and can’t be recovered–so to continue to dwell on, mourn, or feel guilty about its loss is pointless. Honor what happened in proportion to what’s gone, and then vow to take more care, next time.