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‘A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast’ By Claude-Joseph Vernet 1767 {{PD}}

When both fantasy and the real world seem harsh and inhospitable, where ya gonna go? You’ll find out today; here are a few suggestions: consciously act to support or further the well-being of one or more individuals, organizations, or matters you honor and find sacred–use your current position, status, or ‘reach’ to affect a positive outcome; put your attention on the future, and let what you want to have happen guide what you do now; or, review the past and either an instance of healing or of using/ acquiring skills that make your life more meaningful today (no action required except memory for this last). It’s a time to take refuge, in some sense; no need to feel guilty or to force yourself out into the fray–there’s plenty of time for (but again, no real need for) that, in days to come.

(Neptune sesq and the Sun trine NN, with Sun also trine Chiron, Vesta trine Juno, Saturn sq Pallas)

‘The Tantrum’ By Francisco de Goya y Lucientes CCO

Today’s word image is tradition disrupted. Expect something you count on as tradition, done every time there’s a particular event or gathering, to be un-doable this year. It’s a gauge, a kind of test, as to your ability to still go forward joyfully, to adapt, be flexible, and embrace something new. Be inventive in your response, and don’t allow bitterness or the shrill voice of, ‘But that’s how it always is!’ and the expectation that it still should be to ruin what otherwise can be the best event or gathering of its kind yet.