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We may persist today, on a quest that’s not truly our own. ‘Sir Galahad and the Quest for the Holy Grail’ By Arthur Hughes 1870 {{PD}}

The funny thing about today is that we may feel strong, capable, ready to raise the roof to get what we want–but there is a hidden danger lurking under a layer of bravado (which we may mistake for genuine confidence): it’s that we have already been told, loud and clear, that what we’re aiming for in the moment will not be ours. That’s a hard thing to accept, that something we’ve held dear, dreamed of, and were fairly confident was within reach will never arrive, and we’ve already received this message, the dangerous part being we’ve managed to ignore it. If we insist on continuing our quest, the Universe may step up and put serious, even insurmountable obstacles in our way–and these might have a negative effect in other areas, because we’re daring the Powers-That-Be: I don’t have to listen to you, I want this! And that’s when we are struck by lightning, swept away in the flood, lose our wallet, fall for the scam, marry the wrong person–because we are so sure we know better than the Universe. Oh no, we don’t. We have mistaken someone else’s goal, prize, accomplishment, title, position, or dream for our own. We have been carried off by an idea of Love that is not who we are. Once we admit that, we make room for the dream that’s really ours, the one that suits us down to our toes.

Possibly in addition to this mistaken quest, there is a particular difficulty with matters of Love or Money, or in mistaken values, where with that last we have been honoring something that doesn’t deserve our honorable treatment. In these areas, it’s a matter of ridding ourselves of illusions or delusions, or admitting we’re being lied to. Again, not a pretty picture, but a necessary one, if we are to get to the real Love, Money, or atmosphere we truly resonate with.

Today’s aspects play nicely into our Cinderella Point discussion, which I’ll post a second part on shortly.

(Ceres parallel Zeus, Uranus sq Vesta, Saturn sxt Ceres, Venus sesq Neptune)

Today’s word image is a frightening figure with a ludicrous hairstyle. If not for the comical do, this dark being would be really scary (and if you’ve dreamed about something like this, it’s even more apropos, in terms of representing illusion). What in your life is presenting as formidable, acting intimidating and dangerous, making you worry or actually fearful? Look more closely. There is some detail, some ‘tell’, that will let you know you don’t have to take this entity or environment nearly as seriously as you have been. You’re free to see him/ her/ it as it really is.

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