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‘Mariana in the South’ By John William Waterhouse 1897 {{PD}}

We know we’re being wounded by what we’re not admitting to, whether that’s an emotion we find unacceptable, a Self-destructive behavior, or a matter we refuse to acknowledge. We know this, we even see how it’s putting up obstacles and making our own effective actions more difficult, and yet, we’re still unwilling to recognize the poison; we continue to sip, pretending it isn’t abrading us from the inside out. Why? Total concentration, whether we realize it or not, is on gaining or achieving what we desire–there’s no mental room for anything else. That means we are refusing to sufficiently value our own inventiveness, uniqueness, our originality, our ability to respond in the moment, refusing to value what makes us who we are. We are too bent on looking for answers, for satisfaction, out there, when the only effective approach is to find ourselves not just worthy, but the true source of what nourishes, attracts and gives Love and resources, of what makes us part of a living, breathing Universe.

(Chiron semi-sq Black Moon Lilith, Saturn sesq Juno, Venus opp Uranus, Merc nov Zeus)

‘Mercury Thermometers’ Photo By Zwager {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a thermometer. What is it you need to ‘take the current temperature’ of? And how long has it been since you gave this needed scrutiny?