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Make sure what you’re going after is alive and kicking. Attic Black-figure Neck Amphora attributed to Group E – Workshop of Exekias, ca. 540 BCE, depicting Two Warriors Fighting Over a Corpse – possible the battle of Aias (Ajax) and Hektor over the body of Patroklos CC0

There’s no other way to say it, really: tamp down the delusions, quit allowing your most erratic energies to reign, and face head-on what’s been denied, avoided, ignored, or what enrages you; that’s the only way, I repeat, ONLY WAY, to make something of our current natural tendency to put our attention on what we honor or find sacred. That is, without a ‘battle plan’, a specific way to act out our caring, concern, and values, we will flounder and likely head off in the wrong direction (and by wrong direction I mean one that doesn’t address what we actually care about).

(Pallas trine Black Moon Lilith, Neptune qnx Pallas, Sun parallel Vesta, Venus contra-parallel Uranus)

‘The Flower Seller’ By Auguste Serrure 1870 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a vendor who makes it difficult to buy their wares. Have you ever seen this? Someone who claims to want to sell something, but makes it hard for you to pay for it (won’t tell you how much they want, accepts only jars of pennies as payment, considers allowing you to purchase only if you say “Pretty please” and spin around quickly three times, etc). Why do people do this? You’d think that if someone wants to earn, they would be open and cooperative to some extent–and if they aren’t, that tells us that what they are really after isn’t money for goods, it’s intangibles such as wanting to be honored in a particular way, wanting to enforce a kind of exclusivity, wanting to make a judgement over whether the buyer is ‘worthy’ or to declare how the item or material should be used once it leaves their possession, or because they don’t actually want to part with the thing they are ostensibly selling in the first place. That suggests they are trying to fill a hole in the spirit with a function that should be, as the phrase goes, ‘just business’. And be clear: I’m not speaking of those who can’t accommodate a request or order (for instance, if they are booked, or can only make their widgets so fast), I’m talking about people who make what should be a straightforward transaction unnecessarily difficult–and this can go in the other direction, as well, if one is trying to buy more from the individual than they are actually selling, such as expecting an emotional ‘payoff’ to come with purchase, or perhaps by approaching a transaction with the assumption that to get your money’s worth means to get more than the seller is offering–which, we have to assume, the seller isn’t willing to offer, making the extraction of such extortion, or even a kind of spiritual bullying! So, today’s task is to examine energy exchanges in your life in order to see who, including yourself, might hold unwarranted expectations–and conversely, who might be making something transactional (an emotional relationship between parent and child, for example) that should in no way be conditional.

The second part of the ‘Cinderella’ article is on the way–I’ve just got so much to do right now! And I know I’m not alone in that. Have a wonderful weekend!

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