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By Hendrick Avercamp c1610 {{PD}}

I’m always reluctant to post the very next aspects following a Full or New Moon, as I think it’s much more important to pay attention to that Lunar energy as it peaks and plays out–and always looking to the next thing can keep us from seeing where we are, right now, and dealing with it effectively. So, try not to be distracted by what may be ahead–live right now.

This issue today coalesces like a soupy fog around our actions and choices, and the question becomes, are we driven by idealism, by a dream, or are we deceived or deluded, and accepting this as fact, pushing forward? If the former, yay! but if the latter, we have a way to measure whether we’re following what’s best or what’s deceptive: if you feel yourself rebelling against that supposedly inspiring energy, symbol, or cause, that is your individuality urge, your uniqueness, the most original part of yourself, letting you know that this direction, impulse, or choice doesn’t resonate with or speak for you at core–and so is likely untrue, in some way.

Two other things to keep in mind: thinking is all future-aligned, so may neglect the here-and-now (sound familiar?)–and where we put our attention may seem to be loaded with restrictions or constraints–but that’s really just the Universe pointing out how Self-discipline (rather than that supplied by externals) is necessary for building, creating, accumulating successfully. That means that the more Self-disciplined you are at this time, the less you’ll notice ‘Stop’ signs around you.

(Mars parallel and conjoined Neptune and semi-sq Uranus, Mercury trine NN, Sun parallel Saturn)

Today’s word image is a boy who ventures out onto pond ice, trying to help a deer that has fallen through, and falls through himself. This image is about being sufficiently equipped (including sufficiently mature) to help another. There is a certain kind of person who habitually rescues others, with little regard for whether the effort is successful, or even appropriate (have you ever been ‘rescued’ when you didn’t need it? particularly by someone for whom the ‘rescuing’ was about them, not you?) That kind of person is ‘under the ice’ themselves–and whether the effort is a continuous attempt to convince themselves and others that they’re a ‘good’ person, or is a mechanism for ignoring that they themselves are in danger of drowning, matters not. The problem is one of knowing when to take ‘appropriate action’–which involves not just when or when not to act, but also what to do, the good judgment to know what efforts are truly needed or even welcomed by those in a predicament. Another way to see this, should it apply to you or someone you know: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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