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Close-up on the shiny aluminum panels from outside, of The Atomium building, Brussels, Belgium. Photo By Tomhannen {{PD}}

We have only a single, subtle influence perfecting today, Saturn parallel Vesta. Reality takes on the sheen of the ideal, we see our priorities and what we honor right before us, and we find they are either blocked or made manifest in a tangible way. We can see the results made manifest of our sense of right and wrong, of possible and impossible, of our own failures to hew to our ideals and those ways in which we have successfully woven them into our lives. If you see roadblocks wherever you look, it suggests you’ve set your sights too low, not seeing the potentials for birthing your highest ideals into your world; if you see real-world manifestations, you can judge the effectiveness of, and perhaps the level and purity of, your ideals; and if you see your highest vision take on real-world form, then you can know you’re bringing your ‘A’ game to your everyday life–you’re acting as a beacon to others.

By P/\UL / Paul Randall – Flicrk photo Emergency, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8692197

Today’s word image is a Tweet you wish you hadn’t sent. Or that can be a letter, a remark, a phone call, a text, or some other communication you regret putting out there. The answer to why you regret it is a mini-reading of some quality in you that needs your attention. Were you off-the-cuff? You might need to practice restraint. Were you cruel in what you said? You need to focus on empathy, on the other guy’s POV. Did you speak without thinking? The remedy to that one is obvious. Were you misunderstood? If the misunderstanding was genuine, then no harm, no foul; if it was deliberate with either party, then the relationship needs immediate resuscitation, or a swift execution. Did you speak your Truth? The question you must ask yourself is, Was it necessary? It’s not an automatic right to be ‘honest’ especially when we know it might result in harm. Did you have a hidden agenda you haven’t admitted, maybe even to yourself? You know where the honesty needs to be applied–unacknowledged agendas can read as anywhere between manipulative and outright deceptive–and you don’t want to be known as anything like that. Did you embarrass some else? Did you mean to? An apology, as long as it’s real, will fix that. Nothing’s unfixable–that’s important to know.