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‘Batseba ontvangt de brief van koning David’ (Bathsheba receives a letter from King David) By Jan Steen c1656-1660 {{PD}}

Why is it that, at the moment we need to muster our authority and prove our right to exert our Will, we allow our wounds to distort our sense of rightness, to mar the personal provenance that grants us our powers? Could it be because something, either external or in our own make-up, has surprised us, thrown us out of step–or is it the way the group has influenced our thinking? Our mentality may change character on a dime today, and if you need to innovate or invent, it’s the day to do it. In any case, our perceptions of the state of the material world, as well as the state of any obstacles we face or solid accomplishments we enjoy, is tremendously accurate–and this, and only this, should influence what we choose to do, and how we choose to exert dominion over what is clearly our territory.

(Chiron sesq Ceres, Mercury qnx Uranus and nov Saturn)

Invitation to Rex ball, Mardi Gras 1891, New Orleans, Attributed to Anders Wikström {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an invitation to a party. This image brings to mind that joke about introverts, where what they really enjoy is cancelling plans! Does the thought of a gathering that’s purely social sound pleasant or stressful to you? Whatever your response, honor it–you don’t owe anyone an explanation (much less your presence) if you prefer to be elsewhere.

Happy Birthday, Mom! She won’t see this, but I thought I’d say it anyway.