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‘Sehnsucht (Träumerei)’ By Heinrich Vogeler c1900 {{PD}}

Instincts, and what we ‘know but don’t know’, can be smart resources today, and if we can relax our figurative grip a little, we can let that knowing flow guide us. It’s a good thing this is available, as we are otherwise inclined to one of two ‘Big Picture’ approaches: we are inspired in our exercise of our own prerogatives, roles, and authority, applying our creative energy to having an impact, or we’re totally and completely deluded in those same areas, spinning our wheels with choices either ineffective or misguided, following an unknown or an untruth! Those alternatives sound extreme, and they are; everything hinges on having an accurate and grounded connection to reality, and whether we do or not will be determined by how honest we are (and have been) with ourselves. Hide nothing from your own perceptions, and the result can be leaps forward toward attainment of goals and ambitions, and fulfillment of long-time desires.

Bonus: if you have a placement at 25-28 Libra, that placement is apex to a Fist of God with base of Hygeia-Sedna. The apex energy will bring a characteristic expression (related to the natal sign, aspects, and placements) of harmonizing ‘healthy practices’ (whatever this means to you) and the instincts, things you ‘know but don’t know’, and blind spot material (which in this case can be defined as things others know you shouldn’t do/ consume, but that you have so far ignored). What you can expect is a ‘best expression’ of the natal energy, as it figures into the health/ intuitive picture. This can be a good grounding influence, especially in terms of relationships.

(Hygeia sxt Sedna, Neptune trine Ceres, Mercury semi-sq Pallas, nov Zeus, parallel Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s word image is a man in full Viking dress standing in the parking lot of the Quiky Mart. What major incongruity have you seen lately? Have you noticed something that was absolutely not where it belonged? What in your life becomes meaningless, or at least strange or inappropriate, when it’s in the ‘wrong’ environment? This image may suggest that we’d be wise to pay a little more attention to placing the ‘right’ components in the atmosphere that allows them to thrive, rather than stranding them high and dry–and if we’ve failed to do this, it may point us in the direction of some portion of the life where we aren’t as honest, direct, or attentive as we might need to be.